Thursday, September 25, 2008


My little golden one,
Today is your Birthday!

Jumping in Disney red,
Wearing mary-janes,
And a french berret,
You can't wait,
For your Mickey-Paris party.

How can it be,
The years,
Have passed,
So fast?

At last,
Your friends arrive,
Stacking their presents,
With big sister keeping track,
And all the mothers fussing you.

After the hul-a-baloo,
Of balloons, 
And fun, 
And games,
There's cake.
And the happy smile you make,
Reminds me what it's like,
To feel loved,
And safe,
And five.

As long as you're alive,
May you remember,
That feeling, 
Each September, 
And in times most unappealing.

Happy Birthday!
Love Dad.


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