Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sarbanes Oxley

We put our darlings’ trust into Wall Street
Resulting in Ruin; it was stolen
As though Paris stole Helen – a golden
Trickster, a grand seduction, a deceit.
How could this happen? How did damned cheats
Fool each proud accountant and lawyer den?
Unfaithful servants they lied to us when
Lording truth meant padded client receipts.

And so all good men fall prey to such dreg
Cast from Street dime-less by sickening deed
Handouts their last hope for being made well.
And so for however long y’all must beg
I am to vile chiefdoms’ infectious greed
Achaia, when fairest Ilion fell.


Blogger Gerald said...

A poem about SOX? I would never have thought it possible, but, by Jove, you have pulled it off. Keep on trucking with your poems. We need more poems about our laboring lives.

6:06 AM  

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