Sunday, March 26, 2006

Playa Del Carmen

Palm thatched palapas stand and run
Loud surf crashes in rhythms strong
And breasts offer up bare to the sun.
Young and old couples walk along.
Aggressive Mexicans ply their crafts
Dogs in shade of the tourist chair
Elitist Mayans share cold laughs
Little sand-birds running nowhere.
Chaac-Mool still serves gods’ message to man
And at water-sorcerers’ well
Rests great serpent god Kukulcan
Marking where ones sacrificed fell.

Each display on Tzompantli knew
None of the promises were true.

Palapas – a sun umbrella made of palm leaves

Chaac-Mool – messenger to the gods

Kukulcan – god of the sun

Tzompantli – the wall where severed heads of those sacrificed to Kukulcan were displayed.


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