Wednesday, November 29, 2006

San Francisco

In Hotel Monaco,
Le Petit Cafe,
Women, fifty-sixty something,
Sit without men,
In three wooden chairs,
'Round a round bar table,
At 10:50pm on November 29.
Dark turtlenecks, scarves and warm coats,
Big watches, wrist clasp bangles,
Ear ring sets pearl white, black, or hanging,
Pizza shared over wine, beer, and spirits,
Hair long white, short white, short dyed dark,
Talking of a high school reunion 40 years ago,
A marriage of 36 years,
Sons and daughters and their friends,
Something about the cost of drugs.

One knife and forks her pizza,
Two eats with her hands,
Three is done and asking about dessert,
Each lovely, with white napkined laps,
Unaware of me next to them,
Drinking my tea,
Appreciating her beauty.


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