Saturday, June 24, 2006

Social Worker

Drunken Indians, panhandlers, and
Heroin addicts: I hate you each one.
You yell shouts at me from your sidewalk land.
You piss in public and laugh when you’re done.

I give you money for your drugs and booze
I give you needles that you drop at schools.
No personal responsibilitooz.
No personal accountabilitools.

Castigate the dregs of society?
Nope. Raise high all our mugs and make toastas.
Dose them up with public shameiety?
Nope. Drink them down like chocolate mochas.

That’s how we do it in Seattle.
That’s how we do it in Seattle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this poem and the message. i had to read it twice though to fully understand it. i got a little hung up on the unusual/made up words. just have to cock your head to the side and say ohh.... writers have a tendency to do a lot of odd things to show a point

6:20 AM  

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