Friday, June 16, 2006


I have been in many fights
The vicious kind
With blood, and bites.
The kind that make you lose your mind
And nurse your wounds
And curse the nights
And wake one’s killer appetites.

I have also always been
My family’s might
Wholesome and clean
The kind who always strives for right.
And nice
And cordial
And polite
So you might think I never fight.

It happened yesterday at work
Across the table
Sly and smirk
I had to deal with Kane and Able.
And Kane was mean
And Able, was stable
And as I thought about the fable
I dealt with Kane and ignored Able.

Yes I hear all the squeams and scuffs
Their vanquished pleas
Their lawyer puffs
But such is the gauntlet to victory.
Down in the belly, up in the loft
Amid the fires, astride the soft
At GE, Wal-Mart, Microsoft
You will find someone like me.


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