Sunday, April 16, 2006

Birthday Present

It is, my little lighthouse, your fourth birthday,
And you cannot contain your excitement,
Nor your august baby sister of 15 months
Who toddles along gleefully behind wherever you are,
Her tiny feet making pitter-patter sounds,
As yours once did when you were a baby too.

In the pink princess dress your mother made,
Or the bright blue one your auntie gave,
Or the one of yuletide yellow received from me,
You and your many playmates eat chocolate castle cake,
And wear crowns made of twisted sausage balloons,
While all the mothers have champagne and orange-juice mimosas
With fresh baked quiche.

In the years to come,
When your sister and you are all grown up, and when
In the dead-ends of life
You ponder
The question:

“What is the pursuit of happiness?”

As a gift from your father,
That today
Is the answer.


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