Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Amazing Discovery

You discovered
how to pour
the finest thinks and feels
Anyone ever had
Into a tiny cup
Of steaming words.

And imagine
You mixed those words
With beauty
With pleasure
And with emotion
So their taste
Became impossible to forget.

And imagine
Drinking from this cup.

And imagine
It made you
See the details of your life
Heighten your perception
And consider things you hadn’t truly thought about.

Then imagine
You became wiser
And your life
Became better.

That would be amazing.
Wouldn't it?

So what is
This Amazing Discovery?

Poetry. Poetry. Poetry.

People have been drinking it in
For over five thousand years

And now you are too.


Blogger Jennifer Superglued to Your Tongue said...

Reminds me of Mark Strand and "Eating Poetry."

I agree...we should all ingest some poetry

10:01 AM  

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